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What has been helpful to others?

  • The coaching process helps me move towards concrete actions based on sound thinking.

  • The sessions are confidential and non-judgmental; I feel I can be as open as I need to be.

  • My coach gives me plenty of time to process my own thoughts and work my way towards a conclusion.

  • She does not instruct, but asks powerful questions that help me steer towards positive outcomes.

  • If I get stuck in my thinking she throws in a suggestion to get me started again.

  • I somehow find myself more creative during the process and develop lines of thought, phrases and ideas that are unexpected and thought-provoking.

  • The process is stimulating and enthusing; my wife often comments that I am buzzing when I conclude each coaching session.

  • Having the chance to record Zoom calls means I can review and reflect on the session, making notes in my own time without having to hurriedly scribble during the session itself.

Colin Baynes - Operation World - UK

With Judith I found my way back home. Coaching with Life Purpose was a profound experience of transformation that I could not have reached alone.

 The private sessions kept the right balance between love and mastery using inquiry and guidance with certain questions to lead me towards what I was really looking for, God in me and me in greater purpose in my life and work.

Miriam Iconicoff - Consultora Gourmet - Argentina

Coaching helped me see that the satisfaction I had in being able to achieve the small steps of action gave me strength to continue taking more steps and I began to apply it to the lives of people around me.

Jociani Schiller - Pastors wife Paraguay

I did not know how to apply what I had in my heart. Many times we do not know what is happening in our lives. But I see coaching as a powerful tool that helps us get wisdom and insights about the connections in our lives. Create a place of trust where people accomplish things that may be small but lead to great changes.

Rosi Nati - Pastor - Paraguay

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